Media Technologies

Editor's Introductions

Teaching about (and with) Digital Games: Editor's Introduction
Allyson Shaffer

“Teaching Brands: Critical Approaches” Editor’s Notes and Introduction
Heidi Zimmerman

“Teaching Media Production: Civic Engagement” Editor’s Notes and Introduction
Rebecca Jurisz

“Teaching #BlackLivesMatter: Media, Race, and Social Movements” Editor’s Notes and Introduction
Elena D. Hristova

“Teaching Postfeminism and Media Culture” Editor’s Notes and Introduction
Lauren Weinzimmer

“Media and Environment: Teaching in/about the Anthropocene” Editor’s Notes and Introduction
Joy Marie Hamilton

Lesson Plans

Character Creation: Gamification and Identity
Cathlena Martin and Benton Tyler

#BlackLivesMatter as A Case Study in the Politics of Digital Media: Algorithms, Hashtag Publics, and Organizing Protest Online
Heather Woods and James Alexander McVey

Twine as Alternative Media: Video Games, the Culture Industry and Social Change
Benjamin Thevenin

A Cultural Indicators Approach to Media Industries: Using Digital Archives and "Old" Ideas to Ask New Questions
Andy Ruddock

Experiential Branding and Curating the Social Space
Jonathan M. Bullinger

Sustainable Filmmaking: Understanding Image as Resource
Graig Uhlin

Game Lessons: Using Zork to Show Students What Computers Teach
Scott Kushner

Decoding Brand Ambassadors and Their Cultural Universes
Neil O'Boyle

A Feminist Pedagogical Approach to Disrupting Students’ Digital Self-Representational Strategies
Dara Persis Murray

Understanding Procedural Rhetoric
Jason E. Custer

The Media Convergence Blog Project
Undrah Baasanjav

The Social Construction of E-Waste (Assignments, Readings, Teaching Unit)
Chad Raphael

Digital Disclosure, Decision-making, and Democracy
Michael Vicaro

Progressive’s Flo: Convergence Brand
Leah Shafer

Civic Engagement Through Multicamera Studio Production
Peter Gregg

Making a Video and Making a Difference Using Social Media: A “Call to Action” Approach
Tia Tyree

When EcoMedia Gets Weird: Björk—Timothy Morton—Anthropocene
Andy Hageman

Interrogating the Terms of Service: Corporate surveillance and user privacy on Facebook
Andrew Richard Schrock