Editor's Introductions

“Queer Media” Editor’s Notes and Introduction
Liora Elias

“Work and Media” Editor’s Notes and Introduction
Elena Hristova

“Teaching about Food and Media” Editor’s Notes and Introduction
Heidi Zimmerman

“Teaching the 2016 U.S. Election” Editors’ Notes and Introduction
Heidi Zimmerman, Lauren Weinzimmer, Rebecca Jurisz, and Joy Hamilton

“Teaching Postfeminism and Media Culture” Editor’s Notes and Introduction
Lauren Weinzimmer

Lesson Plans

Barefoot (Contessa) in the Kitchen
Rachel E. Silverman and David F. Purnell

Character Creation: Gamification and Identity
Cathlena Martin and Benton Tyler

Lawyers, Doctors, and Cops…oh my!: Exploring Racial and Gendered Labor Divisions on Television
Erika M. Behrmann

Twine as Alternative Media: Video Games, the Culture Industry and Social Change
Benjamin Thevenin

Queering Aging: Dialectical Analysis of Mediated Representations of Sexuality
Ryan Lescure and Gust A. Yep

The Hunger Games: Understanding postfeminist and postracial ideologies
Sarah Kornfield

Sports, Rhetoric, and Militarism: Democratic Citizenship in a Militarized Culture
J. David Maxson

Gender and Sexuality Representations in Hip Hop
Tia C.M. Tyree

The News Flip Exercise: Finding patriarchy, racism and other forms of bias in language
Mary Angela Bock

A Feminist Pedagogical Approach to Disrupting Students’ Digital Self-Representational Strategies
Dara Persis Murray

Deconstructing NFL Films’ They Call It Pro Football
Thomas C. Johnson

The Critical Vocabulary of Rap: A Feminine Voice
Drew Lindsay

Problematizing Transgender Visibility in Talk Show Interviews
Ace J. Eckstein

Dirty Jobs: A Cultural Lesson in Work, Social Class, and Masculinities
Daniel Farr

Framing the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election: One Story, Many Crosscultural Tales
Federica Fornaciari and Laine Goldman

Ten Things I Hate About the “F” Word: Analyzing Definitions of Feminism Using Legally Blonde and 10 Things I Hate About You
Krista Hoffmann-Longtin and Sarah Bonewits Feldner

The Case of the Hero, Martyr, Victim, and Idiot Pat Tillman
Art Herbig

Assessing Consumer Discourse and Possibilities for Change through the Buycott App
Raechel Tiffe