Editor's Introductions

“Work and Media” Editor’s Notes and Introduction
Elena Hristova

“Teaching Media Production: Civic Engagement” Editor’s Notes and Introduction
Rebecca Jurisz

“Teaching the 2016 U.S. Election” Editors’ Notes and Introduction
Heidi Zimmerman, Lauren Weinzimmer, Rebecca Jurisz, and Joy Hamilton

“Teaching #BlackLivesMatter: Media, Race, and Social Movements” Editor’s Notes and Introduction
Elena D. Hristova

“Teaching Postfeminism and Media Culture” Editor’s Notes and Introduction
Lauren Weinzimmer

Lesson Plans

Riot vs. Revelry: News Bias Through Visual Media
Joel Geske

Character Creation: Gamification and Identity
Cathlena Martin and Benton Tyler

Lawyers, Doctors, and Cops…oh my!: Exploring Racial and Gendered Labor Divisions on Television
Erika M. Behrmann

Producing Social Justice PSAs: Fostering Students’ Civic Engagement through Media Production
Mia Fischer

#BlackLivesMatter as A Case Study in the Politics of Digital Media: Algorithms, Hashtag Publics, and Organizing Protest Online
Heather Woods and James Alexander McVey

Twine as Alternative Media: Video Games, the Culture Industry and Social Change
Benjamin Thevenin

Deconstructing POV in TV Coverage of Black Lives Matter Protests
Joel Saxe

The Hunger Games: Understanding postfeminist and postracial ideologies
Sarah Kornfield

Gender and Sexuality Representations in Hip Hop
Tia C.M. Tyree

Spectacular Culinary Tourism: A Model in Critical Television Viewing
Stacy M. Jameson

The News Flip Exercise: Finding patriarchy, racism and other forms of bias in language
Mary Angela Bock

Allissa V. Richardson

The Critical Vocabulary of Rap: A Feminine Voice
Drew Lindsay

Making a Video and Making a Difference Using Social Media: A “Call to Action” Approach
Tia Tyree

Performance, Dialogue, and Debriefing: Examining Frank Ocean’s Coming Out
Amy Arellano and Aaron Duncan