Media Literacy

Editor's Introductions

Teaching about (and with) Digital Games: Editor's Introduction
Allyson Shaffer

“Queer Media” Editor’s Notes and Introduction
Liora Elias

“Work and Media” Editor’s Notes and Introduction
Elena Hristova

“Teaching Brands: Critical Approaches” Editor’s Notes and Introduction
Heidi Zimmerman

“Teaching the 2016 U.S. Election” Editors’ Notes and Introduction
Heidi Zimmerman, Lauren Weinzimmer, Rebecca Jurisz, and Joy Hamilton

“Teaching #BlackLivesMatter: Media, Race, and Social Movements” Editor’s Notes and Introduction
Elena D. Hristova

“Media and Environment: Teaching in/about the Anthropocene” Editor’s Notes and Introduction
Joy Marie Hamilton

Lesson Plans

Barefoot (Contessa) in the Kitchen
Rachel E. Silverman and David F. Purnell

Riot vs. Revelry: News Bias Through Visual Media
Joel Geske

Deconstructing Chipotle: Media as Environmental Education
Antonio López

Character Creation: Gamification and Identity
Cathlena Martin and Benton Tyler

Lawyers, Doctors, and Cops…oh my!: Exploring Racial and Gendered Labor Divisions on Television
Erika M. Behrmann

Critical Consumption: Analyzing Food and Nutrition in Media Artifacts
Tara Schuwerk

Claims and frames: How the news media cover climate change
David Robbins and Pat Brereton

Twine as Alternative Media: Video Games, the Culture Industry and Social Change
Benjamin Thevenin

A Cultural Indicators Approach to Media Industries: Using Digital Archives and "Old" Ideas to Ask New Questions
Andy Ruddock

Queering Aging: Dialectical Analysis of Mediated Representations of Sexuality
Ryan Lescure and Gust A. Yep

Deconstructing Media Messages about Workers and their Unions
Amy Bach, Bryan Mercer, and Rebecca Scotland Phillips

Experiential Branding and Curating the Social Space
Jonathan M. Bullinger

Make Your Own Daily Show Report Group Project
Caroline Claiborne Way

Deconstructing POV in TV Coverage of Black Lives Matter Protests
Joel Saxe

Game Lessons: Using Zork to Show Students What Computers Teach
Scott Kushner

Pop, Politics, and Presidents: Teaching Campaign Rhetoric Through Popular Music
Kristine Weglraz

Data Mining: Do you know where and how your personal information will be used?
Allison Weidhaas

Historicizing the Politics of Representation in Contemporary Queer Media
David Hennessee

Spectacular Culinary Tourism: A Model in Critical Television Viewing
Stacy M. Jameson

Decoding Brand Ambassadors and Their Cultural Universes
Neil O'Boyle

The News Flip Exercise: Finding patriarchy, racism and other forms of bias in language
Mary Angela Bock

Understanding Procedural Rhetoric
Jason E. Custer

Creating Enemies in Partisan Political Discourse
Sheryl Cunningham

Digital Disclosure, Decision-making, and Democracy
Michael Vicaro

Problematizing Transgender Visibility in Talk Show Interviews
Ace J. Eckstein

Dirty Jobs: A Cultural Lesson in Work, Social Class, and Masculinities
Daniel Farr

Progressive’s Flo: Convergence Brand
Leah Shafer

Framing the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election: One Story, Many Crosscultural Tales
Federica Fornaciari and Laine Goldman

Make Your Own Daily Show Report Group Project
Caroline Claiborne

Interrogating the Terms of Service: Corporate surveillance and user privacy on Facebook
Andrew Richard Schrock