About TMQ

Teaching Media Quarterly is an online, open-access journal dedicated to circulating practical and timely approaches to media concepts and topics. We welcome lessons from a variety of disciplinary and methodological perspectives, and we are committed to publishing activities that help students bring critical questions to bear on the world around them. Our goal is to promote collaborative exchange of undergraduate teaching resources between media educators at higher education institutions.

The journal was founded as the formal, refereed arm of an online platform called Teaching Media. The site was created in 2010 by two critical media graduate students in the University of Minnesota’s Department of Communication Studies, Tony Nadler, who is now an Assistant Professor of Media and Communication Studies at Ursinus College, and Julie Wilson, who is an Assistant Professor at Allegheny College in the Department of Communication Arts. Although Teaching Media Quarterly is now an official publication of the University of Minnesota Libraries, TeachingMedia.org continues to operate independent of the journal as a space for instructors to freely share ideas, media examples, syllabi and more.

Authors may submit lesson plans on any topic to Teaching Media Quarterly’s ongoing general call through the Submit a Lesson Plan tab. In addition, authors can submit lesson plans for special issues on topics outlined in the “Upcoming Special Issues” section of our submission guidelines page.

Teaching Media Quarterly is supported by the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Minnesota and is published by the University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing.