“Violence is a Men’s Issue”:

Teaching Masculinity with MEF’s Tough Guise and Tough Guise 2


  • Donica O'Malley Northeastern University


masculinity, violence, gender, feminism, Media Education Foundation


In this lesson plan, I describe how using the MEF films, Tough Guise, and Tough Guise 2 may help to combat the resitance many educators note that male students often have in gender study courses. The lesson plan proceeds over 3 class periods and asks students to engage with the films through concepts of hegemonic masculinity, social constructionism, essentialism, and others. Ultimately, the film has been a useful tool in helping students to realize how patriarchy, while benefitting men, also harms many of them, as well. Such insight is valuable in lowering the defensiveness of students' whose privilege makes them uncomfortable in gender studies classes.