Call for Submissions: Teaching with Media Education Foundation


Films produced and/or distributed by the Media Education Foundation (MEF) have become commonplace in media studies classrooms. Documentary films and video lectures allow instructors to bring new visual and conceptual components of the course to life in the classroom, enhancing lecture and reading material and supporting visual or auditory learners. Teaching Media Quarterly is interested in learning and sharing how instructors teach with educational films. We want to know about how educators contextualize specific films within their course, which readings they assign in conjunction with films, pre- and post-viewing discussion activities and prompts, and reflections on the successes and failures of teaching with documentary films.

Contributors are asked to consider the following questions:

  • What activities, lectures, and discussions do you pair with a specific MEF film?
  • How does the film relate to other media topics in your class such as sexism, climate change, racism, culture industries, heteronormativity, classism, media consolidation, consumerism, advertising, or network television?
  • How do you contextualize a specific MEF film within the larger scope of your course?
  • What readings do you assign in conjunction with your chosen MEF film? How do you connect them through discussion, assignments, lectures, or class activities?
  • What are common responses from students after viewing MEF films? What are common responses, including “ah ha!” moments and topics that need more clarity?

Please visit the MEF website for a current list of MEF films or see if your college or university has streaming access. Although we would prefer submitters use films produced or distributed by MEF, we are open to submissions that use other educational films as pedagogical tools. 

Authors should submit lesson plan through the "Submit a Lesson Plan" link on the right side navigation bar. 

The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2019.