Call for Submissions: Teaching Media in a Pandemic - Deadline Extended to January 10th, 2021


Since the global pandemic altered higher education as we once knew it, academic institutions have called upon instructors to transform face-to-face courses into effective remote learning experiences--often with very little guidance and, for so many contingent faculty, by dint of unpaid and precarious labor. Like instructors in other fields, media instructors are often left on their own to sift through their experiences and research to decipher what methods are best, all while managing challenges of living, let alone working, during a pandemic. Yet media instructors have also long made pedagogical use of the affordances of media technologies--digital and otherwise--which places us in a unique position as we adjust to hybrid, remote and online teaching.

Teaching Media Quarterly is seeking submissions of lesson plans not only to address the dearth of published resources for online and remote critical media education but also to provide a platform to celebrate and share the excellent pedagogical work happening within our field as we adapt to the pandemic era. The editorial board is interested in lesson plans addressing questions such as the following: How are you adjusting critical media content for remote and online learning? What activities--synchronous and/or asynchronous--have you developed to engage students during this time? How are you supporting research remotely? Facilitating discussion and group activities online? What lessons and activities have you developed to cope with the digital divide among students? How are you addressing the politics of the pandemic in your critical media courses? 

The deadline for submissions has been extended to January 10, 2021.