Formulary Evaluations

The Formulary Evaluations section of INNOVATIONS in Pharmacy provides a forum for considering and proposing standards and techniques to inform health decision makers in their assessment of pharmaceutical products and devices for formulary listing. A key issue is the evidence base required to support informed discussion on pricing and access. A theme that runs through many of the commentaries and papers is the importance of recognizing the standards of normal science, in particular the axioms of fundamental measurement. Examples of possible questions to be asked and issues to be addressed are:
  • What are the standards of normal science, including fundamental measurement, that formulary committees should set and manufacturers should address in responding to requests for a formulary submission?
  • To what extent, if any, should formulary committees accept modeled claims for products if the model fails to produce credible, empirically evaluable and replicable claims?
  • What should be the real world evidence standards that formulary committees require to support provisional formulary listing for new products and devices?
  • What evidence standards, including prospective claims assessment and reporting should formulary committees require of a manufacturer to support provisional listing and pricing?
  • Should formulary committees consider the role of prospective disease area and therapeutic class reviews for revisiting product placement, pricing and access in setting formulary submission standards?
  • What should be the minimum evidence standards for monitoring and reporting provisional claims in an observational tracking environment?

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