Reviewer Guidelines

When accepting or conducting a review, we ask reviewers to follow the COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers. Manuscript Reviews may be submitted in Word format and uploaded to the manuscript management system. Depending on the Topic Area and Article Type, reviewers may be asked to utilize a specific manuscript review form provided in the request to review email. The purpose of this journal is to publish innovative ideas and findings in a timely manner so that others can be inspired into pondering, discussing, and applying these ideas. In light of this purpose, we suggest that reviewers utilize the following constructive review criteria. In addition, we request the reviewers make a clear recommendation to the editor (e.g., accept with minor revision, revise and resubmit, reject).


  • The manuscript focuses on leading-edge, novel ideas for improving, modernizing, and advancing pharmacy practice, education, and/or policy.
  • Scholarly inquiry and rigor are evident in the description and discussion of the innovation.
  • Implications of the innovation are clearly expressed.
  • Conclusions are supported by evidence that is provided.


  • Literature and data are handled carefully.
  • The reasoning is logical.
  • Punctuation, spelling, tense, subject/verb agreement, and other grammatical issues are correct.


  • The author has been selective in what has been included in the manuscript.
  • Lengthy discussions of commonly known methods are avoided.
  • Thoughts are completely and clearly expressed in the fewest words possible.


  • Clear and logical thinking are used.
  • Precise expression is applied.
  • The flow of ideas in the manuscript is easy to follow.