Editorial Team

Editorial Management Team

The editorial management team is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the journal and the development and use of editorial policies. INNOVATIONS follows the ICJME Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals. The editorial management team reviews these recommendations annually and updates procedures as needed.

Chair & Editor, Formulary Evaluations, Pharmacy Practice & Practice-Based Research: Jon Schommer, Ph.D.: schom010@umn.edu (University of Minnesota)

Served as an editorial board member for the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association (JAPhA) and Editor for the Tools for Advancing Pharmacy Practice section in JAPhA.

Editor, Community Engagement: Ann Philbrick, Pharm.D., BCPS:  philb020@umn.edu (University of Minnesota)

Serves as a reviewer for the Journal of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy, Journal of the American Pharmacists Association, Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning and Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine.  

Editor, Education: Kristin Janke, Ph.D.: janke006@umn.edu (University of Minnesota)

Served as an editorial board member for the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education (4 terms) and the Annals of Pharmacotherapy (Education Panel). She has also served as Executive Associate Editor at Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning.

Editor, Leadership: Kerry Fierke, Ed.D.: kkfierke@d.umn.edu (University of Minnesota)

Editor, Policy: Myriam Shaw Ojeda, Pharm.D.: shawojeda.1@osu.edu (The Ohio State University)

Librarian: Sarah Jane Brown, MSc: sjbrown@umn.edu

Serves as the Liaison Librarian for the College of Pharmacy at the University of Minnesota.



The management team appoints content teams to provide guidance and advise regarding journal content and focus. Any conflicts of interest are disclosed to the chair or the content team, who determines how to manage or eliminate the conflict.


Ann Philbrick, Pharm.D., BCPS, philb020@umn.edu (section editor) (University of Minnesota)

Taiwo Aremu, MD, MPH, aremu006@umn.edu (University of Minnesota)

Anandi Law, Ph.D., alaw@westernu.edu (Western University)

Wesley Nuffer, Pharm.D., wesley.nuffer@cuanschutz.edu (University of Colorado)

Laura Palombi, Pharm.D., lpalombi@d.umn.edu (University of Minnesota-Duluth)

Gemma Quinn, MPharm, IPresc, DPharm, g.quinn@bradford.ac.uk (University of Bradford, UK) 

Jennifer Rodis, Pharm.D., rodis.2@osu.edu  (The Ohio State University)

Jon Schommer, Ph.D., schom010@umn.edu (University of Minnesota)

Andrew Traynor, Pharm.D., tray0015@umn.edu (section editor) (University of Minnesota)


Kristin Janke, Ph.D., janke006@umn.edu (section editor) (University of Minnesota)

Simon Albon, Ph.D., simon.albon@ubc.ca (University of British Columbia)

Janet Cooley, Pharm.D., BCACP, cooley@pharmacy.arizona.edu (University of Arizona)

Eliza Dy-Boarman, Pharm.D., eliza.dy@drake.edu (Drake University)

Sarira El-den, Pharm.D., sarira.el-den@sydney.edu.au (The University of Sydney)

Andrea Franks, Pharm.D., afranks@uthsc.edu (University of Tennessee)

Katherine Kelley, Ph.D., kelley.168@osu.edu (The Ohio State University)

Reidun Lisbet Skeide Kjome, Ph.D., reidun.kjome@uib.no (University of Bergen, Norway)

Michael Nelson, Ph.D., RPh, michael.nelson@drake.edu (Drake University)

Gemma Quinn, MPharm, IPresc, DPharm, g.quinn@bradford.ac.uk (University of Bradford, UK) 


Jon Schommer, Ph.D., schom010@umn.edu (section editor) (University of Minnesota)

Angeline Carlson, Ph.D., angie@dataiq.com (Data Intelligence Consultants)

Paul Langley, Ph.D., langley@maimonresearch.com (Maimon Research)

Stephen McKenna, Ph.D., smckenna@galen-research.com (Galen Research)


Kerry Fierke, Ed.D., kkfierke@d.umn.edu (section editor) (University of Minnesota)

Lowell Anderson, D.Sc., ander245@umn.edu (Center for Leading Healthcare Change, University of Minnesota)

Philip Brummond, Pharm.D., M.S., FASHP, philip.brummond@froedtert.com (Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin )

Kathryn Smith, Pharm.D., kathryn-j-smith@ouhsc.edu (The University of Oklahoma)

Todd Sorensen, Pharm.D., soren042@umn.edu (University of Minnesota)

Andrew Traynor, Pharm.D., tray0015@umn.edu (University of Minnesota)


Jon Schommer, Ph.D., schom010@umn.edu (section editor) 

Muhammad Ahmer Raza, Pharm.D., ahmerraza313@yahoo.com (The University of Lahore, Pakistan)

Michelle Blakely, Ph.D., michelle.blakely@uwyo.edu (University of Wyoming)

Lawrence Brown, Pharm.D., Ph.D., lbbrown@chapman.edu (Chapman University)

Sarira El-den, Pharm.D., sarira.el-den@sydney.edu.au (The University of Sydney)

Mohamed Hassan Elnaem, Pharm.D., drmelnaem@iium.edu.my (International Islamic University Malysia)

Caroline Gaither, Ph.D., cgaither@umn.edu (University of Minnesota)

Jean-Venable "Kelly" R. Goode, Pharm.D., jrgoode@vcu.edu (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Karen Gunning, Pharm.D., Karen.Gunning@pharm.utah.edu (University of Utah)

Lara Kerwin, Pharm.D., lara.kerwin2@bjc.org (BJC Medical Group and Accountable Care Organization)

Stefan Kowalski, Pharm.D., stefan.kowalski@unisa.edu.au (University of South Australia)

Bella Mehta, Pharm.D. mehta.6@osu.edu (The Ohio State University) 

Rebekah Moles, Ph.D., rebekah.moles@sydney.edu.au (The University of Sydney)

Misbah Noreen, Pharm.D., MPhil, misbahshah101@gmail.com (Care Pharmacy, Pakistan) 

Gemma Quinn, MPharm, IPresc, DPharm, g.quinn@bradford.ac.uk (University of Bradford, UK) 

Djenane Ramalho-de-Oliveira, Ph.D., djenane.oliveira@gmail.com (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil) 

Prashant Sakharkar, Pharm.D., MPH, psakharkar@roosevelt.edu (Roosevelt University) 

Larry Selkow, RPh, BSPharm, larselk@aol.com (Inland Empire Society of Health-System Pharmacists)

Sarah Westberg, Pharm.D., swestber@umn.edu (University of Minnesota)

Jamie Yuen, BSc(Pharm), RPh, jamieh.yuen@ubc.ca (University of British Columbia Pharmacists Clinic, Canada)


Myriam Shaw Ojeda, Pharm.D., shawojeda.1@osu.edu (section editor) The Ohio State University

Vibhuti Arya, Pharm.D., aryav@stjohns.edu (section editor mentor) (St. Johns University)

Suzanna Gim, BA, Pharm.D., MPH  suzanna.gim@liu.edu (Long Island University)

Sen (Anna) Gu, MD, Ph.D., gus@stjohns.edu (St. Johns University)

Nimit Jindal, Pharm.D., nimit.jindal31@gmail.com (ACCP-ASHP-VCU Congressional Policy Fellow)

E. Michael Murphy, Pharm.D., murphy.981@osu.edu (The Ohio State University)

Jon Schommer, Ph.D., schom010@umn.edu (University of Minnesota)

Stephen Schondelmeyer, Pharm.D., Ph.D., schon001@umn.edu (University of Minnesota)

Sarah Shoemaker-Hunt, Ph.D., Sarah_Shoemaker-Hunt@abtassoc.com (Abt Associates, Inc.)

Adrienne Simmons, Pharm.D., MS, BCPS, AAHIVP, adrienne@nvhr.org (National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable)

Krystal Weaver, krystalynweaver1@gmail.com (National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations)

Lucianne West, Pharm.D., lucywest2016@gmail.com (Cleveland Clinic)