Potentially Actionable Targets: Evidence Standards for Credible Next Generation Sequencing Technology Assessment Claims

  • Paul C Langley University of Minnesota
Keywords: NGS, credibility of claims, evaluation and replication, evidence base, clinical utility


Despite considerable resources devoted to developing databases to support competitive credible claims for next generation sequencing (NGS) claims, we have yet to meet the standards required in health technology assessment to support such claims. The purpose of this commentary is to consider options open in establishing claims for NGS recommendations. Although NGS platforms offer potential promise in improving clinical outcomes, supporting cost-effectiveness and reducing the overall cost of care in target populations, this has yet to be demonstrated on a scale that is likely to satisfy reimbursers and health care decision makers. Issues addressed include (i) the importance of credible, evaluable and replicable claims from individual NGS platforms; (ii) the difficulties in moving beyond broad-brush claims for improved survival; (iii) the standards required for an NGS evidence base; (iv) protocol designs in establishing the independent contribution of NGS actionable therapy recommendations to outcomes claims; (v) the role of NGS registries; and (vi) protocols to support ongoing credible, evaluable and replicable claims in target patient populations. The critical issue is not analytical and clinical validity but clinical utility. This has yet to be demonstrated.


Type: Commentary


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Received 2017-08-13
Published 2017-09-11
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