Post QALY: Scientific Approaches to Real World Formulary Decision Making

INNOVATIONS in pharmacy 10th Anniversary Celebration Special ‘Call for Papers’ in the Formulary Evaluations Section of the Journal

  • Paul Langley College of Pharmacy University of Minnesota
  • Stephen McKenna Population Health, University of Manchester, Manchester UK


The purpose of this anniversary supplement for Innovations in Pharmacy is to consider and / or propose modern, scientific methods for determining the evidence base for the fair pricing and accessibility of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. At present, such decisions are based on the construction of imaginary value assessment models that fail to meet the standards of normal science. Such a business model has been adopted by the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) in the US, NICE in the UK and in a number of other countries.


Article Type: Call for Papers


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Received 2020-07-07
Published 2020-07-10
Formulary Evaluations