Vol. 3 No. 2 (2020)

The cover includes many squares and rectangles of varying height, each with a different image. Images include a Black Lives Matter sign, a bike and crossing sign, the signs for S Lyndale Ave and Hennepin Ave, a surgical mask lying on the ground, a plane, the big spoon with a cherry, a skyscraper, a stoplight, a bottle of Purell, a bike, red doors, the George Floyd Square sign, a board with the words No Justice No Peace, the symbol of a bike on the ground, the capitol building, a sunset, the Harriet Lake pavilion, flowers at George Floyd's memorial, a lake, and a tree.

Thank you to everyone who submitted to the Public Health Review. Also, thank you to our Advisory Board, the University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing, our faculty advisor Professor Wurtz, and our thoughtful and detailed reviewers: Brynna Bargfield, Gabriela Lazalde, Hope Hoffman, David Marshall, Elizabeth Polter, Tianhua Wu, Benjamin Stroebel, Audrey Seligman, Emma Filtz, Adam Kneepkens, Alex Benson, Jason Jincong Freeman, Taiwo Aremu, Ian Passe, Kate Greenberg, Thomas Sorenson, Curtis Bashore, Sarah Samorodnitsky, Malik Williams, Gabriela Bustamante Callejas, Asmaa Ferdjallah, Jacqueline Cassman, Liz Corey, Samantha Saykao, Caitlin Varquez, and Ashley Mitchell. Thank you also to the School of Public Health Student Senate for providing funding.

Thank you Olivia A. Sullivan, Heidi Glesmann, Jiani Zhou, Alexander Everhart, Dr. Laura Barrie Smith, Yuanyuan Qiu, Yi Zhu, Adrian Matias Bacong, Ananda Vigneswari Anebarassou, Audrey Seligman, Dr. Amanda Strong, Diksha Srishyla, Hamdi Adam, Karan Shah, Taylor King, Dr. Rebekah L. S. Summers, Keelia Silvis, Mary Gilbertson, Yanyan Chen, Jose Huape, and David Marshall for your terrific, thought-provoking articles. Thank you to Claire Nyquist for your beautiful cover design. Claire's design shows Minneapolis and St. Paul in winter, in the midst of the pandemic, and changed by George Floyd's murder. 

Welcome also to the incoming 2021 Editorial Board: Madeline Turbes and Chao Yang (Podcast Editors), Marco Morales (Production Editor), Serena Xiong (Executive Editor), Delaine Anderson (Marketing Editor), Drew Gerber (Managing Editor), Grant Zastoupil (Evaluation Editor), Emilija Motivans and Tara Cantwell (Copy Editors), and Ambica Nakhasi and Annie Youngblood (Section Editors).

Published: 2020-12-05