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Perspectives, podcast of the Public Health Review

What is the history of vaccines in the US? What does successful public leadership look like? How is equity being addressed in the field? Perspectives, a podcast series published by the Public Health Review, looks at these questions and more! This podcast brings to you a series of conversations on a wide variety of public health topics, providing you with perspectives on pertinent public health issues from the community, academic, and professional fields. Start listening to episodes on SoundCloudSpotifyApple Podcasts, or Google Play Podcasts!


COVID-19 Student Stories Mini-series

What have students learned about themselves and their communities during this pandemic? How are students processing, accessing, and dealing with information about the pandemic? How have students been affected by policies related to the pandemic? How has daily life been altered by the pandemic, and how have students been coping with this? In each episode of this mini-series, students read their short stories submitted to the Public Health Review COVID-19 Storytelling Project collection. 

Public Health Review ยท S3.E5 Student Highlights: Kelli Hirt