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What is PHR doing to align with its position statement published in June 2020 (Vol 3, No 1)?

We changed our publication process so articles are rejected on the basis of not promoting health equity versus their grammar, spelling, etc. Since journal publications are important to have on one's resume, we altered and accelerated our publication process. We edited our website to provide clarity for authors and reviewers and a means for them to give feedback and make requests. When hiring a new Section Editor, we instituted inclusive hiring practices. The current Executive Editor will complete an independent study in the fall of 2020. Among other actions, she will investigate whether and how it is possible to pay editors, how to refine PHR's hiring practices to further promote anti-racism and inclusivity, and how to make the publication process more equitable. We recognize that this work is never-ending, and we will always have more work to do. 

What is PHR's publication process?

After you submit an article, our Managing Editor reads through the submission, ensuring that it meets our mission, vision, submission guidelines, and policies. The submission then goes to a specific Section Editor, who reads through your submission again and then sends it to Reviewers. Based on the Reviewers' comments, the Section Editor can choose to push your article on to copyediting, they can decline your submission, or they can ask for revisions. Oftentimes, the Section Editor assesses the Reviewers' feedback and asks for revisions according to their and the Reviewers' suggestions. When these changes are made, the submission goes out to the Executive Editor and either a Podcast or the Marketing Editor. They read through the submission, ensuring that it meets PHR's mission, vision, and reviewer guidelines. At this point, the article often returns to you for additional revisions. After revisions are made, the Copyediter then highlights any spelling or grammatical issues, and sends the submission to the Production Editor. The Copyeditor and Production Editor have the right to reject the article or request revisions, although this does not often occur. The Production Editor assembles the submission into PHR's template and sends it to the author for final review. On the publication day, the submission is published on PHR's website. 

Is there a specific point in the publication process that my submission is accepted or rejected?

We value all of our Editors' perspectives and allow them to accept or reject an article at any stage in the publication process. Our Editors have been instructed to use an anti-racist and health equity lens when reading submissions. Submissions are much more likely to be rejected if they (1) are not about public health or (2) promote discrimination and health inequities in any way. Editors have been instructed not to reject articles due to spelling or grammatical errors. 

How long does this process take?

This process often takes months. Authors can speed up the process by responding quickly to any Editor requests. However, the process is not always within an Author's control. Editors and Reviewers are volunteering their time to review and edit articles; given work, life, and academic demands, their highest priority may not always be PHR.

I submitted my article for the first issue, but received an email saying it may not be published until the second. Why?

Because of the many people involved in the publication process (6 Editors, 2-3 Reviewers, and the Author), this process can be fairly lengthy. Submissions may not always reach the publication stage by the time a new issue comes out. They will likely reach the publication stage for the next issue, however.

I want to be published in PHR by the time I graduate. What should I do?

We suggest submitting an article 6-8 months before you graduate. This is how long the publication process can sometimes take. 

I'm feeling frustrated by all this talk of the lengthy publication process. What should I do?

Please email us at any time. We love hearing from Authors and Reviewers and are happy to set up a time to chat. We find that transparency helps for everyone. Responding quickly to requests from Editors and submitting articles that clearly meet our mission, vision, policies and submission guidelines can ensure that your article goes more quickly through the publication process. Also, please know that our Editors have been instructed to read and review articles from an anti-racist lens. We do not reject articles due to differences in grammatical style or spelling errors, for example, and we prioritize submissions that promote health equity, especially those that clearly include and disseminate expertise that centers marginalized communities. 

I reviewed a submission but never heard whether it was accepted. What should I do?

Please email us at phrj@umn.edu, and we'll let you know what was decided with the article. Thanks for your interest!

How many times may I publish in PHR?

You may have up to two pieces published in PHR.

Does PHR accept art, including poetry, prose, or visual art?

We occasionally have a cover design contest for an issue, such as for Volume 3, Number 1. We do not include art within the journal itself, however. We accept and welcome all writing styles. 

Is there a fee for submitting or publishing in the journal?

No. There is no cost to submit or publish in the journal.