Virtual Symposium Designed as an Innovative Approach to Disseminate Leadership Development Content

  • Kerry K Fierke University of Minnesota
  • Whitney D Maxwell University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy
  • Gregory M Zumach Oregon State University College of Pharmacy
Keywords: leadership, virtual, symposium, remote presentation, accessibility, innovation


The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Leadership Development Special Interest Group (LD SIG) embarked upon a one-week virtual symposium (VS) across three years. The purpose of the VS was to disseminate leadership content, case studies, and various topics of interest utilizing technology. This electronic format provided a new communication approach to facilitate content and discussion of leadership materials amongst faculty colleagues nationally.

The VS allowed participants to gain knowledge and skills to address leadership development in a timely, flexible manner that can be challenging during in-person professional meetings and conferences due to conflicting programming and travel limitations. Evaluators across each of the VS (100%) indicated that they either agreed or strongly agreed with the scaled evaluative statements that the video presentations met their educational needs.


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Received 2020-08-27
Accepted 2020-10-30
Published 2021-08-18