Evaluating Pennsylvania Pharmacists' Provision of Community-based Patient Care Services

  • Maria A. Osborne
  • Margie E. Snyder
  • Deanne L. Hall
  • Kim C. Coley
  • Melissa Somma McGivney
Keywords: Medication Therapy Management (MTM), network, statewide survey, cognitive services, pharmacy services


Objective: To identify and describe Pennsylvania pharmacists who currently provide or are interested in providing community-based patient care services and are interested in joining a statewide practice network.

Design: Cross-sectional survey.

Setting: February to June 2009 in Pennsylvania.

Participants: 1700 pharmacists.

Intervention: Mailed and electronic survey.

Main outcome measures: Number and geographic location of pharmacists providing or interested in providing community-based patient care in Pennsylvania. Description of patient care documentation methods; physical space; services provided; perceived barriers to providing patient care; training needs; and interest in joining a statewide practice network.

Results: The final analysis included data from 1700 pharmacists. Approximately one-third of pharmacists (n=554) were providing patient care services to community-based patients. Most were routinely documenting (67.5%) and many had a semi-private or private space to provide care. MTM and immunizations were the most common services provided. Respondents reported the most significant barrier to providing MTM, diabetes education, and smoking cessation education was time constraints, whereas training was a barrier for immunization provision. Most pharmacists were not being compensated for patient care services. Of the 869 pharmacists interested in joining a statewide network, those providing care were more interested in joining than those who were not (70.8% vs. 43.8%, p < 0.001).

Conclusion: Pennsylvania pharmacists are interested in providing community-based patient care services and joining a statewide practice network focused on providing community-based patient care services. This research serves as a foundation for building a pharmacist practice network in Pennsylvania.


Type: Original Research


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Received 2016-02-09
Published 2011-01-01
Practice-Based Research