Vol. 4 No. 1 (2021)

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Thank you to everyone who submitted to the Public Health Review. We could not do this work without our Advisory Board, the University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing, our faculty advisor Professor Wurtz, and our thoughtful and detailed reviewers. Additional thanks goes to the School of Public Health Student Senate for funding.

Thank you Michele Grim, Asha Elgonda, Benjamin Blair and Megan Petrik, and Justin Cordova for the chance to work with you on your timely, thought-provoking articles.

Our beautiful cover design is the work of Marketing Editor Delaine Anderson. Keep an eye out for future news about how your designs might land on the cover of the Public Health Review!

Finally, a big thanks goes to our 2021 Editorial Board on their first issue (published during a pandemic, no less): Madeline Turbes and Chao Yang (Podcast Editors), Marco Morales (Production Editor), Serena Xiong (Executive Editor), Delaine Anderson (Marketing Editor), Drew Gerber (Managing Editor), Grant Zastoupil (Evaluation Editor), Emilija Motivans and Tara Cantwell (Copy Editors), and Faiza Hassan and Annie Youngblood (Section Editors).

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Published: 2021-06-04