Improving Vaccine Safety by Using an Algorithmic Model as a Replacement for a Physical Thermal Buffer

  • Michael Richard Rusnack AmericanPharma Technologies
Keywords: Algorithm Buffer Glycol Monitor Storage Vaccine, Monitor, Buffer, Vaccine, Glycol, Algorithm, Storage


Conventional practice in vaccine storage is to insert a temperature probe into a bottle of glycol, or another equivalent thermal buffer medium, to simulate the temperature experience of the stored vaccine, rather than just the air temperature.  Such a thermal buffer is intended to reduce false alarms so that the drug manager will know with higher confidence that a temperature alert is an event requiring action. While necessary and appropriate to correctly monitor the storage conditions, it is a practice that is messy, inconvenient, and costly, and can result in reports that diverge from the actual experience of the stored inventory.  This paper explores the use of a mathematical algorithm to reproduce the behavior of a physical thermal buffer medium. The paper describes the algorithm and reports the degree to which it accurately simulates the experience of a 20-ml glycol container. The algorithm is shown to be highly predictive of the temperatures measured inside a container containing glycol.


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Received 2017-12-18
Accepted 2018-02-14
Published 2018-02-20
Practice-Based Research