The Correlation of Free Health Screenings at Community Pharmacies on Diabetes

  • Anna M Staudt Cedarville University
  • Jessica E Amtower Cedarville University
  • Jeniffer George
  • Nicholas C Daniels Cedarville University
  • Jacques N Allou Cedarville University
  • Emily Laswell Cedarville University
  • Jeb Ballentine Cedarville University
Keywords: Free health screenings, community pharmacy, diabetes, patient perceptions


Objective: To assess the correlation of free health screenings in community pharmacies on patient perceptions of free health screenings and diabetes knowledge.

Methods: The study design was a pre-post observational study using surveys, blood sugar screenings, and patient education on diabetes. Participants were voluntary patients from four REM Corporation pharmacies in Ohio who were 18 or older, not recently tested for diabetes, non-diabetic, not pregnant, and without disorders that could hinder survey responses and education. Pre- and post-surveys assessed both patient perceptions on free health screenings in community pharmacies and on diabetes knowledge.

Results: Among the 26 participants there was no statistically significant difference between patient perception pre- and post-surveys (all p-values ≥0.05), however there was a statistically significant difference between pre and post diabetes knowledge surveys (p<0.001).

Conclusion: Patients have positive opinions on free health screenings in community pharmacies and these screenings can help patients understand disease states and be more aware of their health.


Type: Original Research

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Published: 2017-05-02
Practice-Based Research