Opening A New Independent Pharmacy 101

  • Azam Elabed
  • Albert Wertheimer
  • Sabri Ibrahim
Keywords: independent pharmacy, opening a pharmacy, location of a new pharmacy, corporation, startup cost, wholesaler, license, professional relationships in pharmacy


Opening an independent pharmacy is a process that involves multiple components. The rationale of this project is to discuss different issues that must be investigated prior to opening a new independency pharmacy. This includes the location, structure of the corporation, start-up cost, picking a wholesaler, fulfilling state board requirements and Philadelphia requirements, having a valid license, making professional relationships, and knowing basic marketing research. Methods used include using the knowledge and expertise from an independent pharmacy owner, visiting pharmacies, and interviewing neighbors for basic marketing research. Many aspects of opening an independent pharmacy differ significantly from a retail pharmacy, as there are various issues within the pharmacy and outside the pharmacy that must be extensively researched prior to opening in order to be successful.


Type: Student Project


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Received 2016-02-10
Published 2016-02-10
Pharmacy Practice & Practice-Based Research