An Interdisciplinary Experience focused on Pharmacogenetics: Engaging pharmacy and physician assistant students in conversations about antiplatelet therapy with respect to CYP2C19 genotype

  • Diane M Calinski Manchester University College of Pharmacy
  • David F Kisor Manchester University College of Pharmacy
Keywords: interdisciplinary, interprofessional, laboratory, pharmacogenetics, pharmacogenomics


Objective: The goals of the interdisciplinary laboratory were to educate and engage pharmacy and physician assistant (PA) students in a discussion focused on the collection, interpretation, and application of pharmacogenetic data.

Design: Interdisciplinary teams participated in a one-hour, case-based discussion and provided a therapeutic recommendation using the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium guidelines.

Assessment: All students were surveyed before and after the laboratory on knowledge and application of pharmacogenetics and working in interdisciplinary teams. The interdisciplinary laboratory successfully enhanced the student’s knowledge about sample collection and interpretation of pharmacogenetic information. Additionally, the laboratory improved student confidence in working in interdisciplinary teams to apply pharmacogenetic information to clinical decision making. Furthermore, the majority of students indicated that the interdisciplinary laboratory is valuable and useful in healthcare curriculums.

Conclusion: The laboratory highlighted the differences between pharmacy and PA education regarding PGt, and brought to light several important uncertainties: (1) What is the depth of PGt knowledge that healthcare practitioners need? (2) What are best practices for conveying PGt information?


Type: Case Study


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Received 2016-02-09
Published 2016-02-09