Integrating a Patient Care Development Model to Enhance Community Pharmacy Residency Programs

  • Jennifer L. Rodis
  • Timothy R. Ulbrich
  • Brandon T. Jennings
  • Betsy M. Elswick
  • Rebekah Jackowski
Keywords: community pharmacy, pharmacy practice residency, patient care services,


Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to describe integration of a community-based patient care service development model, Partner for Promotion (PFP), within five community pharmacy residency programs (CPRPs) across the United States and provide insights and examples of methods for optimizing community pharmacy resident experiences, developing new patient care services, and achieving residency accreditation standards.

Summary: Five community pharmacy residency programs have integrated PFP that affiliated with Midwestern University – Glendale, Northeast Ohio Medical University, Ohio State University, University of Utah, and West Virginia University. Each college and residency program has identified different strategies through which PFP enhances their residency training and service development including completion of training modules, reflections and discussion on application of the PFP service development model to practice, research, and teaching, use of assignments to guide service creation, and mentoring of PFP student-pharmacist teams. All five sites directly link these activities to objectives required in PGY1 CPRP accreditation standards. PFP has resulted in resident-facilitated service development of a variety of patient care programs.

Conclusion: PFP applied to CPRPs enhances training on service development, builds new services within residency training sites, and assists programs with meeting residency accreditation standards. The experiences of five community pharmacy residency programs across the U.S. that have adopted the program has been positive, with creation of new services and residency sites, integration of novel teaching, practice, research, and learning opportunities for residents, and direct links from the PFP experience to achievement of residency objectives.


Type: Idea Paper

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Published: 2015-01-01
Pharmacy Practice