Conversion Disorder in a Pharmacogenomics, Polypharmacy Patient: Case Report

  • Michael J. Schuh Mayo School of Health Related Sciences
  • Sheena Crosby Mayo Clinic Florida
Keywords: conversion disorder, case report, pharmacogenomics, polypharmacy


Background: Conversion disorder (CD) is a relatively common psychiatric disorder likely encountered by clinical pharmacists but probably not easily identified by pharmacists.

Case Summary: This is a patient case where a patient with a tremor was referred to the pharmacist led, polypharmacy, pharmacogenomics (PGx) service to rule out a PGx cause due to medication metabolism. No pharmacologic or PGx cause was found for the tremor which helped support and confirm a diagnosis of CD.

Practice Implications: By working collaboratively with psychiatrists, neurologists, physical medicine colleagues, clinical pharmacists may add value to patient care by assisting with diagnoses and appropriate treatment.


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Received 2021-05-20
Accepted 2021-07-26
Published 2021-11-22
Pharmacy Practice & Practice-Based Research