Improving the Tenure Committee's Review Efficiency with Embedded Dossier Functionality

  • Brian Henriksen
  • David F. Kisor
Keywords: Tenure, Dossier


Numerous manuscripts have been published addressing perceptions of the promotion and tenure process. Very little has been published on mechanism to improve the efficiency of dossier review or tools to assist the reviewer in understanding the comprehensive scope of the applicant’s experiences. An innovative dossier format was utilized to assess the hyperlinks and pop-up tool tips would enhance the reviewer efficiency when reviewing the applicant’s materials. Super scripted numbers at the end of the narrative’s sentences, in the same manner as a journal article, contained the embedded hyperlinks and pop-up tool tips. A majority of the reviewers found the embedded functionality in the dossier did enhance their efficiency in completing the review.


Type: Case Study

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Published: 2015-01-01