Pharmacist Prescriptive Authority for Acne: An Evidence-Based Approach to Policy

  • Jennifer Athay Adams Idaho State University, College of Pharmacy
  • Alex J. Adams Idaho State Board of Pharmacy
  • Michael E. Klepser Ferris State University, College of Pharmacy


The diagnosis of acne is typically straightforward and based on physical signs and symptoms. Some jurisdictions in Canada, the United Kingdom, and United States have enabled a pharmacist treatment model to diagnose and manage patients with mild acne using prescription medications. Studies have found the model to be safe and effective, while simultaneously increasing more timely access to care for patients which may reduce the potential adverse impacts of acne. Further, use of a standardized protocol may alleviate some of the concerns expressed over the model. This paper summarize answers to frequent questions to help policymakers consider the objective evidence for their jurisdiction.


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Received 2021-03-20
Accepted 2021-04-08
Published 2021-04-27
Pharmacy Practice & Practice-Based Research