Perceived Impact of a Longitudinal Leadership Program for All Pharmacy Students

  • Jane R. Mort
  • Joe D. Strain
  • David L. Helgeland
  • Teresa M. Seefeldt
Keywords: leadership, longitudinal, pharmacy students, curriculum


Objective: To describe a longitudinal leadership program involving all students and report the perceived impact.

Design: The program included a first year Leadership Interview, a third year Report of Leadership, and a fourth year Professional Business Meeting Attendance. Activities involved guided reflection.

Assessment: Students (n=138) indicated the activities helped them recognize the importance of leadership and their leadership potential (e.g., 72.5% and 62.3% of students due to meeting attendance, respectively). Students participated in leadership activities that they would not have pursued otherwise, either in response to the activity (27.7% due to interview) or as a requirement of the activity (51.1% for leadership report). Students reported developing specific leadership skills through the activities. Most students planned to be involved in a district/regional (72.5%), state (84.1%), and national (51.4%) meeting in the five years following graduation.

Conclusion: Students reported a positive impact on leadership perceptions and participation. The report is a preliminary step in the development and assessment of a longitudinal curricular initiative involving all pharmacy students.


Type: Case Study


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Received 2016-02-10
Published 2014-01-01