Neuron Model of Interprofessional Education and Evidence-Based Practice

  • Dixon Thomas Gulf Medical University
  • Jason Cooper Medical University of South Carolina
  • Mark Maas Medical University of South Carolina
Keywords: health professions education, interprofessional education, Neuron Model, evidence-based practice


Interprofessional education (IPE) and evidence-based practice (EBP) are relatively new concepts in health professions education in many parts of the world. These critical reforms are implemented with great effort. As clinical practice has become more collaborative and evidence-based, teamwork and research need to be well integrated in the curriculum. However, many stakeholders struggle to visualize the work of IPE and EBP in the context of health professions education and practice. The Neuron Model, using parts of the neuron, is designed to detail how IPE and EBP integrate in health professions curriculum design or reveal a hidden curriculum. Evidence-based interprofessional care has been implemented with limitations in academic health systems.  Lack of a common understanding of how it works is a limitation. The neuron model thus aims to visualize IPE and EBP in health professions education and practice.


Article Type: Commentary


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Received 2020-05-30
Accepted 2020-08-12
Published 2020-09-02