Needle free injection technology - An overview

  • Tejaswi R. Kale
  • Munira Momin
Keywords: needle free injection technology, novel, powder injection, liquid injection, depot


Needle free injection technology was developed to reduce the number of needle stick accidents and associated problems. A comprehensive literature review was completed regarding needle free injection technology and its applications, advantages over needle injections, their components and types such as powder injection, liquid injection, depot or projectile injection. This review describes needle free injection technology involving the generation of force by using compressed gas upon actuation in order to deliver a drug at very high speed through a nozzle. This review also describes injection methods that use a spring load jet injector, battery powdered jet injector, and gas powdered jet injector. An overview of marketed products, recent trends and other needleless drug delivery systems is given. Needle free injection technology is growing and has the potential to make the administration of medicine more efficient, safe and convenient.


Type: Commentary

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Published: 2014-01-01
Practice-Based Research