Student Scientific Inquiry in the Core Doctor of Pharmacy Curriculum: Critical Issues in Designing and Implementing a Student Research Program

  • Georgeta D. Vaidean
  • Sandeep S. Vansai
  • Ronnie J. Moore
  • Stuart Feldman
Keywords: student research, capstone, required curriculum, guiding principles


While student-driven research has been credited with many learning benefits, few schools of pharmacy require such activities. Professional organizations repeatedly urge for incorporating research content in schools' curricula, yet no guiding principles or recommendations currently exist to guide such implementation efforts. This paper provides an overview of the critical issues, guiding principles, benefits and challenges encountered in designing and implementing a required, research program in the Pharm.D. curriculum. Several critical issues are reviewed: goals, unitary focus and expectations, structure and deliverables, time and curricular integration, monitoring and institutional oversight, outcomes measurement, resources, students and faculty response, and dissemination. These general critical issues are then discussed as implemented in the student research program at Touro College of Pharmacy-New York. Different schools can address these core issues, based on their academic milieu. This paper invites an inter-institutional dialogue for the pursuit of successful incorporation of student scientific inquiry in the core curriculum.


Type: Idea Paper


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Received 2016-02-10
Published 2013-01-01