Developing a Professionalism Plan

  • Gloria R Grice
  • Kacie Monson
  • Jamie Pitlick
  • Rasma Chereson
  • Wendy Duncan
  • Gemma Geslani
  • Kimberly Kilgore
  • Puja B. Patel
  • Heather Pautler
Keywords: professionalsim, professional development plan, professionalization


Professionalism is a way of being which underlies all the responsibilities of a pharmacist and associated general and professional abilities. The Student Affairs Committee was charged with developing a college-wide professionalism plan to meet the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) Standards 15.1 and 23. This plan was developed concurrently with a new curriculum. The plan was developed systematically with the following goals: 1) create a definition of professionalism, 2) determine outcomes of the plan, 3) identify existing components which should be continued and new components to be added, 4) ensure existing and new components are linked to outcomes and 5) develop a continuous assessment process for the plan. The proposed plan consists of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities designed to help students gain experience in three professionalism pillars: Competence, Connection and Character, as defined by Brown et al in "Taxonomy of Professionalism". While knowledge and skills will be enhanced, the focus of development will be on student virtues, values and attitudesäóîthat what they do defines who they are. The goal is to help students develop as people and professionals who value the high ideals expected of a pharmacist.


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Published: 2013-01-01