Intentional Application of the Taba Curriculum Model to Develop a Rural Pharmacy Practice Course

  • Edward Christopher Portillo University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Kevin Look University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Pharmacy
  • David Mott University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Pharmacy
  • Robert Breslow University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Pharmacy
  • Mara Kieser University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Pharmacy
  • Casey Gallimore University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Pharmacy
Keywords: curriculum theory; Taba model; curricular design


The changing profession of pharmacy demands student preparation in dynamic courses that address the evolving healthcare landscape. Identifying an evidence-based approach to develop such coursework and content, however, can be a considerable challenge for curriculum innovators. This manuscript explores how curriculum design models can be applied as a guide to promote purposeful development of new curriculum, with the goal of promoting students as APPE, practice, and career-ready practitioners. Authors specifically describe a case study example for the process of creating a novel rural health course using the Taba curriculum design model as a guide for selecting course content, objectives, teaching strategies, learning experiences, and evaluative measures. Through the incorporation of the Taba model, this manuscript presents an evidence-based approach to curriculum development which can be replicated across schools and colleges of pharmacy. The described approach to curriculum design, which integrates models to guide the creative process, is a systematic approach to developing curriculum with purpose. Additional opportunities exist for curriculum innovators across the academy to explore incorporation of curriculum design models to guide course development, as well as to drive curricular assessment strategies and further curriculum refinement.


Article Type: Idea Paper


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Received 2019-06-17
Accepted 2020-01-05
Published 2020-03-24