Development and Implementation of an Academic-Community Partnership to Enhance Care among Homeless Persons

  • Sharon B.S. Gatewood
  • Leticia R. Moczygemba
  • Akash J. Alexander
  • Robert D. Osborn
  • Dianne L. Reynolds-Cane
  • Gary R. Matzke
  • Jean-Venable R. Goode
Keywords: Academic-Community partnership, medication therapy management, community engagement, homelessness, medication related problems


An academic-community partnership between a Health Care for the Homeless (HCH) clinic and a school of pharmacy was created in 2005 to provide medication education and identify medication related problems. The urban community based HCH clinic in the Richmond, VA area provides primary health care to the homeless, uninsured and underinsured. The center also offers eye care, dental care, mental health and psychiatric care, substance abuse services, case management, laundry and shower facilities, and mail services at no charge to those in need. Pharmacist services are provided in the mental health and medical clinics. A satisfaction survey showed that the providers and staff (n = 13) in the clinic were very satisfied with the integration of pharmacist services. The quality and safety of medication use has improved as a result of the academic-community collaborative. Education and research initiatives have also resulted from the collaborative. This manuscript describes the implementation, outcomes and benefits of the partnership for both the HCH clinic and the school of pharmacy.

Type: Clinical Experience


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Received 2016-02-08
Published 2011-01-01
Community Engagement