The Opioid Crisis



Article 1: Opioid-Related Factors Affecting Mortality in Indiana, USA
Sariya Udayachalerm, PhD Candidate; David R. Foster, PharmD, FCCP; Jane Wang, PhD; Michael D. Murray, PharmD, MPH, FCCP, FISPE
Article 2: Opioid Overdose Mortalities: Are There Racial Disparities?
Marwa Rawy, PharmD; Kevin Look, PhD; Betty Chewning, PhD
Article 3: Consequences of 2014 Legislation on Controlled Substance Dispensing Patterns and Utilization of the Indiana Prescription Drug Monitoring Program: A Three-Year
Kristin R. Villa, PharmD, MS; Kimberly S. Plake, PhD, FAPhA; Alan J. Zillich, PharmD, FCCP Matthew M. Murawski, PhD
Article 4: Design of a Qualtrics Online Survey to Assess Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Use Using a Factorial Survey Design
Brahmendra Reddy Viyyuri, PharmD; Matthew J Witry, PharmD, PhD; Barbara St. Marie, PhD, ANP-BC, GNP-BC
Article 5: Using the Theory of Planned Behavior to Explore Opioid Disposal Behaviors
Arveen Kaur, PharmD, MPH; David A Mott, PhD, FAPhA, RPh
Article 6: Establishing Inter- Reliability for a Coding Protocol for Analyzing Video Recordings for Opioid Consults Between Pharmacy Students and Standardized Patients
Tanvee Thakur, BPharm, MS; Betty Chewning, PhD


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Received 2018-09-27
Published 2018-09-28