Patient Experiences



Faculty Discussant: Olihe Okoro, PhD
Article 1: Patient Experiences at Enhanced-Service Pharmacies in Iowa
Chen Huang, Graduate Student; William Doucette, PhD, FAPhA, RPh; Michael Andreski, RPh, PhD; Anthony Pudlo, PharmD, MBA
Article 2: The Perspective of African-born HIV Minnesotans of their Interaction with Pharmacists
Alina Cernasev, PharmD, MSc; William L. Larson, PharmD, BCGP, BCACP; Cynthia Peden-McAlpine, PhD, ACNS, BS; Todd Rockwood, PhD, MA, BS; Paul Ranelli, PhD, MS; Olihe Okoro, PhD, MPH, MPharm; Jon C. Schommer, PhD
Article 3: Association between Insurance Characteristics and Patient Activation among Medicare Beneficiaries with Type 2 Diabetes
Dandan Zheng, MS, PhD Student; Joseph Thomas III, PhD, Professor
Article 4: How Do Health Literacy And Risk Perception Impact Older Adult Misuse Of Over-The-Counter Medications?
Apoorva Reddy, BS; Jamie Stone, MS; Michelle Chui, PharmD, PhD
Article 5: A Qualitative Approach to Patient Experiences in Migraine
Deepika Rao, MS Candidate; Elham Heidari, PharmD, MS Candidate Vincent Giannetti, PhD; Andrea R. Pfalzgraf, PhD, MPH; Carroline Lobo, MS, PhD
Article 6: The Medication Experience of African American Women with Early Stage Chronic Kidney
Lisa Hillman, PharmD, BCACP; Olihe Okoro, PhD, MPH; Djenane Ramalho de Oliveira, PhD; Jon Schommer, PhD
Article 7: Pharmacist-Delivered Patient-Centered Care: Exploring an Untested Assumption
Anthony W. Olson, PharmD; Jon C. Schommer, PhD


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Received 2018-09-27
Published 2018-10-01