Pharmacist Contributions



Faculty Discussant: Andrea Kjos, PharmD, PhD
Article 1: The Evolution of the Field Of Social and Administrative Pharmacy: Past, Present, and Future: A Network Perspective
Daniel Ricci, PharmD, MS; Betty Chewning, PhD
Article 2: The Developing Role of Community Pharmacists in Facilitating Care Transitions
Kooyman Chase; Matthew J. Witry, PharmD, PhD
Article 3: Exploring the Utilization of Community Pharmacists to Facilitate Linkage and Retention in Care of People Living with HIV
Adati Tarfa, PharmD, RPh; Olayinka Shiyanbola, PhD, BPharm
Article 4: The Roles of Clinical Pharmacists in Diabetes Management: What Do Minority Patients with Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes Have to Say?
Nadia A. Nabulsi, MPH; Connie H. Yan, PharmD; Ben S. Gerber, MD, MPH; Lisa K. Sharp, PhD
Article 5: An Ethical Case Study of PBM Practices’ Impact on Providers
Jacob J. Drettwan, Graduate Student; Andrea L. Kjos, PhD, PharmD
Article 6:
Operationalizing Occupational Fatigue in Wisconsin Pharmacists
Taylor Watterson, PharmD; Kevin Look, PharmD, PhD; Michelle Chui, PharmD, PhD


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Received 2018-09-27
Published 2018-10-01