Article 1: ‘Hope’ing to Become a Pharmacist: Exploring Hope in First Year Pharmacy Students
Bethany A. Von Hoff, PharmD; Benjamin D. Aronson, PharmD, PhD; Kristin K. Janke, PhD; Robert A. Bechtol, MS
Article 2: Impact of Simulations on Health Professional Students’ Empathy: A Systematic Review
Natalie R Gadbois, PharmD, MPA; Norman E Fenn III, PharmD, BCPS; Bethany McGowan, MLIS, MS; Kimberly S Plake, PhD, FAPhA
Article 3: Effect of Incorporating a Cultural Awareness Digital Badge on Pharmacy Students’ Cultural Empathy
Jenny Beal, PharmD; Casey Wright; Katherine Yngve; Jason Fish; Craig Zywicki; Taylor Brodner; Sue Wilder; Dan Whiteley; Kevin O’Shea; Brandon Karcher; Kimberly Plake, PhD
Article 4: Evaluating the Long-term Benefits of Pharmacy Professionals’ Engagement in International/Global Health Programs
Prosperity Eneh, PharmD; Olihe Okoro, Ph.D, MPH; Melanie Nicol, PharmD, PhD
Article 5: Faculty Perceptions of a Tobacco Cessation Train-the-Trainer Program: A Qualitative Follow-up Study
Nervana Elkhadragy, PharmD, BCPS; Robin Corelli, PharmD; Alissa Russ, PhD; Margie Snyder, PharmD, MPH, FCCP; Mercedes Clabaugh; Karen Hudmon, DrPH, MS, RPh
Article 6: Predictors of Academic Performance in Pharmacy School Based on Pre Admission Characteristics
Dao Tran; Zachary Rivers; Ann Philbrick; Olivia Buncher; Peter Haeg; David Stenehjem


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Received 2018-09-27
Published 2018-10-01