Pharmacy Internships: We Can Do Better

  • Sarah Nisly Wingate University
  • Lisa Brennan Wingate University
Keywords: pharmacy internship, healthcare, student, outcomes


The pharmacist’s role in patient care is expanding, and the profession must prepare its graduates for direct patient care. Internships can help facilitate this training outside of the formal pharmacy curriculum. Intern roles can expand beyond distributive tasks to compliment the full range of pharmacist activities, providing value to the student and institution. Crucially, outcomes measured must not only be traditional measures of student and pharmacist output, but also the growth and success of the student within the program. Creative metrics (e.g. resilience or leadership development) should be considered when assessing programmatic outcomes. Programs already engaged in internship programs should assess their respective programs and report findings.

Article Type:  Commentary


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Received 2018-08-01
Accepted 2018-11-06
Published 2018-12-11