Utilizing a Multi-Step Consensus-Building Process to Create a Shared Departmental Definition of Community Engagement

  • Kerry K Fierke University of Minnesota
  • Laura C Palombi University of Minnesota
Keywords: Community, Engagement, Consensus-building, Engaged Department


A multidisciplinary department at a College of Pharmacy utilized a multi-step consensus-building process to create a shared departmental definition of community engagement that was consistent with the department’s mission and vision. Throughout the consensus building and engaged department process, faculty and staff were given opportunities to participate in community-engaged work and departmental activities, including updates in regular scheduled department meetings. This allowed faculty to have a reference and common understanding of the concept of community engagement when striving towards outlined promotion objectives. A shared understanding of what constitutes community engagement was necessary to ensure that all members of the interdisciplinary department are working toward a common goal and shared vision.


Article Type: Original Research


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Received 2018-03-23
Accepted 2018-12-10
Published 2018-12-12
Community Engagement