Hybrid Online Delivery of a Pharmacy Residency and Fellowship Elective Course

Keywords: professional elective, online learning, teaching, post-graduate education, residency training



Objective: To describe and evaluate the transition of a pharmacy residency and fellowship (PRF) elective course to a hybrid online platform.

Innovation: In 2016, the 1-credit hour PRF elective was transitioned from a live, synchronous course to a hybrid online platform. Over the course of the semester, students completed eight modules along with assignments that pertained to a different component of PRF. Course grades and evaluations, as well as PRF placement rates, were compared between 2015 (live, synchronous course) and 2016 (hybrid online course). There were no differences in overall course grades or student evaluations of individual relevant course objectives between the two course formats. However, more students rated the course as excellent during the 2015 live, synchronous course. Placement rates were similar between students who took the course in 2015 and 2016.

Critical Analysis: Following the transition of a PRF elective to a hybrid online platform, course grades, evaluation of individual relevant course objectives, and PRF placement rates remained similar to previous years. Creative educational venues can help meet the student demand while simultaneously allowing faculty to manage their time. However, instructors should balance this with desire of students to have more face-to-face in class time.



Type: Note


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Received 2018-03-02
Accepted 2018-07-11
Published 2018-07-18