Letter from the Executive Editor

  • Marco Morales


Dear readers, 

First, I must thank the authors, Editorial Team, and readers for your work and support in making this journal possible. Public Health Review only exists because of people like you, who support public health. Whether you are a researcher, reviewer, worker, intern, or reader, your contributions matter. I hope you continue supporting this journal and the field of public health. Your support is more important than ever as we face issues such as the pandemic, systemic racism, the rise of mental health concerns, and chronic illness. 

The June 2022 issue takes on challenging topics in public health, and we are pleased to present these authors’ perspectives on them. In this issue, you will find articles on chronic illness within the Apsáalooke Nation, comparisons of adverse events between the COVID-19 and Flu vaccines, systemic racism affecting African Americans, and structural racism in medical research. 

Our mission is to provide a platform for emerging and experienced authors to share their work on public health policy, research, and practice. So, if you enjoy this journal, please follow us on social media and share with your network. Your support helps others get their message out and helps us grow. Don’t forget to listen to our podcast Perspectives! There are great interviews with subject matter experts in public health, and our podcast team has done a great job of making episodes accessible across several listening platforms. 

This is also a call for researchers, authors, and anyone with a novel idea on a public health issue to submit your work and gain the experience and satisfaction of getting published. For those of you that enjoy involvement with academic literature and are interested in seeing “behind the scenes” of the publication process, I urge you to consider becoming a reviewer. Finally, if you have any ideas on how we can improve our process or products, or if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to fill out the form on our website. 

Looking ahead to the future, our aims include improving our internal processes, publishing a themed issue, expanding our audience, and seeking opportunities for additional community engagement. 

Don’t forget to decompress, unwind, and focus on your mental health this summer. You’ve earned it. 


Marco Morales 

2022 Executive Editor, Public Health Review 

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