Comparison of adverse events between COVID-19 and Flu vaccines



Among the various driving factors for vaccine hesitancy, confidence in the safety associated with the vaccine constitutes as one of the key factors.


This study aimed to explore and compare the adverse events of COVID-19 and Flu vaccines among persons who reported having adverse event on at least the first dose of receiving any COVID-19 or Flu vaccine as reported to VAERS database.


We used a descriptive study design. We selected VAERS records based on our selection criteria to perform descriptive data analysis with relative risk and associated 95% confidence intervals.


Adverse events reports from various US territories as obtained from the VAERS database were used.


The participants were selected from the VAERS data from 01/01/2020 to 08/20/2021 who were greater than 12 years old and received any of COVID-19 or Flu vaccines. Participants with mixture of COVID-19 vaccines, missing age data, missing first dose COVID-19 vaccine information were excluded.


Various common adverse events between Flu and COVID-19 vaccines have been identified. Adverse events such as headache and fever were very common across all age-groups and vaccine groups. Our study also quantified the proportion of rare adverse events such as Guillain Barre Syndrome and Gynecological changes in the VAERS database for COVID-19 vaccines.


Based on the available data and results, it appears that there were some common adverse events between Flu vaccines and COVID-19 vaccines. These identified common adverse events warrant further investigations based on the relative risk and 95% CI.

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Prajwal Pradhan

Prajwal can read Nepali and Hindi, in addition to English. He has been a peer-reviewer for AMIA 2020 conference and 2012 WFPHA conference (Addis Abba). He has been and is open to collaboration on several of his research studies.

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