Constructed Value Systems Across Interpersonal Relationships

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Jack Magnus


Increasingly hypersexual narratives in digital and physical environments have warranted the need to understand how they affect the constructed value schemes of emerging adults. The complexities of these values are first constructed in digital media, then close social networks and spaces, and finally are internalized within the self. This research begins with a survey of existing analyses. Particular attention is given to hypersexual individuals and the resulting behavior and creation of self-identity. Within sexual relationships, non-sexual relationships, and the relationship with the self, the body of existing work is understood. The research ends with a survey distributed to fifty-one individuals, aged nineteen to twenty-three years old. Along with the survey were two, one on one interviews. The results found statistical relationships between effort in friendships and wellbeing, and frequency of sexual thoughts and perceived desirability of self. Conclusions were able to be made about the threats of more sexual environments on the target group, and how these can add detrimental narratives to existing social pressures.

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Diversified Studies