MURAJ: In-Focus is a rolling publication of the Minnesota Undergraduate Research & Academic Journal that highlights the work of graduate students, faculty, and staff at the University of Minnesota. By doing this, the journal highlights and records the far-reaching impacts of research happening at the University. These pieces dive deep into the research conducted by these individuals with the intent of providing an article that all students can read and learn from. Traditionally, these articles have been written by current reviewers and editorial board members and entail an interview with the researcher where we get to know their work. From there, the piece will be drafted and revised to its final product with further video and picture collection to accent the piece. 

We are looking for motivated researchers with unique projects to profile at the University of Minnesota. This requires a time dedication to the interview, assisting with the article, and further communication as needed. There is no monetary compensation for this process, and we reserve the right to retract the article at any time. Please express your interest by reaching out to us at muraj@umn.edu and we will reach out to you and begin the process of highlighting your research with MURAJ: In-Focus!

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