Editor-in-Chief - Alli Graper

Alli is a rising senior in Bioproducts and Biosystems and Engineering with an emphasis in Ecological and Environmental Engineering. Her research experience includes locating diagnostic SNPs within and among the Phalaris genus, modeling the effect of climate change on the Humulus species, and analyzing the effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi at an agricultural saturated buffer in Northfield, Minnesota. She has also worked for over two years in a Plant Breeding and Genetics Laboratory, completed two UROPs, and gained industry experience with drinking water and wastewater process design. In the role of Editor In-Chief, Alli is responsible for guiding the editorial team, directing operations within the journal, and working with the Undergraduate Research Advisory Board. As a past board member and past reviewer, Alli is excited to use her knowledge to develop MURAJ In-Action to encompass community application of research, expand collaboration with faculty members, and celebrate the ongoing growth of the journal.  

Mangaing Editor - Ayush Shah

Ayush is a third-year student pursuing a B.A. in Biology, Society, and Environment with a minor in Pharmacology. His research interests are in evaluating and decreasing caregiver burden, specifically for those taking care of patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other chronic conditions. After graduation, Ayush will be pursuing a career in the medical field with hopes of attending medical school in the near future. As Managing Editor, Ayush is responsible for the internal management tasks of MURAJ such as coordinating student reviewers and establishing clear reviewer standards. He is excited to enhance and refine the Journal as an outlet for undergraduate researchers to showcase their work in a multitude of subject areas.

Treasurer - Drew Brinker

Drew Brinker is a second-year honors student studying Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature, German, Italian, Mandarin, Psychology, and Philosophy. He is interested in the intersection of cognition and language, and he is currently researching how object classification in English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, and Hmong impacts the cognitive categorization and perception of native speakers. He has also worked as a research assistant on anthropology, political science, and sociology studies. As the Treasurer of MURAJ, Drew is focused on increasing the awareness and reputation of the In Action grant and improving logistic processes to ensure smooth functioning of finances and organization. 

Media Editor - Chloe Wick

Chloe is a rising junior in Chemical Engineering and Genetics, Cell Biology, & Development. For the last two years, her research has focused on characterizing DNA mutating enzymes and their roles in cancer. Previously, she studied Riemann surfaces, and she is passionate about combining her interests in math, engineering, and biology to investigate and alleviate disease. She has completed two UROP grants, presented at a national research conference, and served as a reviewer for MURAJ which have inspired her to contribute to MURAJ as a member of the editorial team and become more involved in promoting research. As media editor for MURAJ, her role revolves around using visuals to make the journal more accessible, to represent the journal, and to garner interest and enthusiasm surrounding the research being published. Chloe is excited to promote some of the exciting new undergraduate research occurring at the U of MN and to help make the journal as visually accessible as possible through formatting and graphics.


Training Editor - Viktoria Tadlock (she/her/hers)

Viktoria Tadlock is currently in her third year at the University of Minnesota, where she is pursuing a B.A. in Communications with minors in Statistics and Technical Writing through the College of Liberal Arts. She currently holds a position as an undergraduate research assistant through LATIS. She also works as an undergraduate fellow for the IHGIS project through the Minnesota Population Center. After graduation, Viktoria will be pursuing a career in writing. As training editor, Viktoria is responsible for teaching all rising reviewers all about MURAJ and how to follow the reviewer guidelines in order to ensure the journal publishes well-reviewed, quality works. Viktoria is excited to take charge of this new role, and her goal is to create and establish a quality Canvas page for the reviewers that will make training easy and fun.

Recruitment Editor - Ethan Voss

Ethan Voss is a senior pursuing a B.A. in English in the College of Liberal Arts. He currently researches composition theory, pedagogical studies (specifically concerning writing instruction), and rhetorical theory. He serves as president of the Fellowship of Undergraduate Students in English (FUSE), and he works as an advisor in the Department of Writing Studies, a writing consultant for the Center for Writing, and as a team leader in the Office of Student Experience. After graduation, he will be pursuing a Ph.D. in rhetoric and composition to work as a professor and director of first-year writing at a large research institution. As Recruitment Editor of MURAJ, Ethan guides the growth of the journal, recruits editors and student submissions, and collaborates with the Directors of Undergraduate Studies in various departments. His goals for the next year of MURAJ are to bolster the reach of the journal in the UMN research community and encourage undergraduate research.

Outreach Director - Ananya Vegesna

Ananya Vegesna is a junior majoring in Earth Science with a minor in computer science. Her research experience is in finding the causes for the decline of wild rice in the Great Lakes. Ananya joined Muraj as she is excited about sharing and learning about research done by students at the University of Minnesota. As the outreach director, Ananya is responsible for increasing awareness for the journal and the many student researchers.

Advisor - Vicky Munro

Vicky is the Associate Director for the Office of Undergraduate Research and has worked in the field of undergraduate research since 1986. She has a PhD in American Studies, and her own research centers on hate crime.  She serves as an advisor/mentor for MURAJ with a goal to support the student board in creating, establishing and maintaining a new undergraduate research journal at the University of Minnesota.  

The Undergraduate Research Advisory Board is made up of these members:

Robert B. McMaster, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education

Derek Frank, Undergraduate Student
Connor Clemenhagen, Undergraduate Student
Dr. Lucy Dunne, Design, Housing, and Apparel
Dr. David Feinberg, Art
Dr. Jonathan Gewirtz, Psychology
Dr. Thomas Hoye, Chemistry
Dr. Leslie Schiff, Director of Undergraduate Research
Dr. Vicky Munro, UROP Coordinator, ex-officio

Previous Editorial Board Members -

Editor-in-Chief - Matthew Freeman (2017-2018), Miranda Van Pilsum-Johnson (2018-2019), Austin Kraft (2019-2020), Katerina Graf (2020-2021)

Managing Editor - Senuri Raf (2017-2018), Nathan Torunsky (2018-2019), Carole Hall (2019-2020)

Media Editor - Liz MacDonald (2017-2018), Governess Simpson (2018-2019), Cassandra Varrige (2019-2020), Abigail Spoden (2020-2021)

Outreach Director - Miranda Van Pilsum-Johnson (2017-2018), Austin Kraft (2018-2019), Rajiv Dharnipragada (2019-2020), Alexa Carlson (2020-2021)

Treasurer - Maddison McFarland (2017-2018), Carole Hall (2018-2020), Alli Graper (2020-2021)

Other Founding Members - Andrew Zhou, Cameron Frost, Derek Frank, George Abdallah, Katherine Hill, Leslie Kent, Michelle Abdon