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2021 - 2022 Mission Statement: 

The Minnesota Undergraduate Research & Academic Journal strives to celebrate and display undergraduate scholarship at the University of Minnesota. This mission is resembled in the three distinct arms of the journal: annual publication, MURAJ: In Focus, and MURAJ: In Action. We, the current editorial team, aim to commit our energy, expertise, and diverse backgrounds in order to elevate the work of MURAJ and maintain the mission of the journal.


The Minnesota Undergraduate Research & Academic Journal is an academic journal dedicated to the academic research of undergraduate students. It is a student-run publication that strives toward a diverse representation of work from all subjects and fields. Students are encouraged to submit research in a variety of formats and platforms, whether it be by text, photo or video. As the university’s first undergraduate research journal, MURAJ aims to stay committed to its values of diversity and broad scope by publishing work from all areas of research and from students in all ranges of their undergraduate career.

The categories for submission include the following, alongside the suggested fields of study:

    • Biological, Animal, & Health Sciences (Biology, Public Health, Neuroscience, Animal Science, Wildlife Studies, etc.)
    • Engineering & Physical Science (Physics, Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, etc.)
    • Mathematics & Computer Science (Statistics, Math, Computer Science, etc.)
    • Social Sciences, Education, & Communication (Psychology, Journalism, Linguistics, etc.)
    • Literature & History (English, Foreign Language, History, etc.)
    • Fine Arts (Music, Theater, Dance, etc.)
    • Business, Law & Politics (Political Science, Economics, Management, etc.)
    • Architecture & Design (Landscape Architecture, Graphic Design, Apparel, etc.)
    • Environmental, Conservation, & Plant Science (Agricultural Education, Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation, Food Science, etc.)
    • Diversified Studies (Inter-disciplinary work)

Submitted articles are reviewed by student reviewers and then by the Undergraduate Research Advisory Board before publication. Please see the article Review Process for more information.

Get in Touch:

If you are interested in publishing or reviewing with the journal, sign up for our email list here. If you have questions about MURAJ, please contact the editors at