A grant opportunity for undergraduate students

Application Now Closed (Consider applying next year!)


See example application forms here


The Minnesota Undergraduate & Research and Academic Journal is honored to provide an opportunity for undergraduate researchers at the University of Minnesota to receive funding for community-based projects. We foresee these projects to take a variety of forms and means of implementation depending on the academic discipline of the applicants. Our goal in creating the grant is to promote undergraduate research that benefits Minnesotans and the local environment by providing financial resources for implementing research-based projects. 

The purpose of the proposed project should seek to address social injustices facing our communities in the realms of racial, social, economic, and environmental justice. The grant is open to researchers from a variety of disciplines based on their expertise in carrying out an impactful project. The projects must culminate in a final form as described in the application proposal and be completed by a current undergraduate student before graduation from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. 

Applications will be opened November 15th, 2021 and due December 31th, 2021 with notification of funding by the beginning of spring semester. Projects will be funded in the spring semester and chosen by a committee consisting of members from the University of Minnesota student body.


  • The funding opportunity is open to undergraduate students from all colleges and majors at the U of M Twin Cities. 
  • Students must have already completed research in the past (directed research, UROP, faculty directed projects etc.) that is related to their proposed community-based project. 
  • Students must plan to complete their project by the end of the spring semester (May 15th)
  • Students must plan to comply with the most recent COVID-19 guidelines. 


  • Along with the project proposal, students will submit a form listing their expected expenses for materials related to the project. 
  • Funding will be available in the form of expense money for materials and a stipend to compensate for the student’s time working on the project. 
  • The amount of funding granted for the student’s project will vary depending on the needs of selected students and requirements of their project.
  • Projects and expenses not eligible for funding include training, hourly work, and travel expenses.

Selection Criteria:

  • Projects will be selected by a cross-disciplinary panel of University of Minnesota students external to MURAJ based on the merit of the proposed project within the academic field of the applicant.
  • Other factors include: 
    • Achievability within the time frame offered
    • Feasibility and realism
    • Impactfulness to the community
    • Relationship to previous research 
    • Potential for long term community impact

Final requirement:

Based on your proposed project, we expect the submission of the final results of the project in a form of your choice. The final piece should encapsulate your individual work on the project, any results, and the impact your project has had on the community. 

Examples of ending requirements: 

  • Public Presentation: A display of your work at the Undergraduate Research Symposium or similar conference.
  • Recorded presentations: Shows the work you have completed and presented to an audience within the community.
  • Article: Written documentation that reviews the steps you took and final results of your project. 
  • Video: A recorded collection of your work from start to finish.

Proposal Requirements: 

  • No more than 3 pages 
  • Submit as PDF
  • Double spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font.
  • Include consistent citations (citation style of your choice) in the form of a reference page (does not count toward final page count).
  • Include a project statement that encapsulates the purpose and ultimate goal of the project.
  • Describe the background and motivation for the project.
  • Describe the merit and application of your proposed project. 
  • Include methods of how you will execute the project.
  • Provide a description of your chosen ending requirement and why you think it is the best way to display your work. 
  • Please include your first and last name in the file name (Ex. JaneDoeProjectProposal)


The mentor required for this project must be a current faculty member at the University of Minnesota chosen by the student. We highly encourage secondary mentorship from community leaders and activists.

**The application does not save as you go. Please be sure to prepare these things:

  • Updated resume and optional CV
  • Faculty mentor selection
  • Mentor department
  • Proposal
  • Be prepared to respond to short answers

Application: https://z.umn.edu/muraj_inaction