ISSN: 2690-4535

JCOTR is a publication of NODA the Association for Orientation, Transition, and Retention in Higher Education. 

Current Issue

Vol. 30 No. 1 (2023):

Published: 2023-05-04

JCOTR Editorial Team

Dr. Jason Mastrogiovanni - Editor
Assistant Provost for Student Success - University of Florida

Dr. Jeanine Ward-Roof - Senior Associate Editor, Book Reviews
Vice President for Students Affairs - Ferris State University            

Dr. Scott Silverman - Senior Associate Editor, Campus Notes
Associate Dean of SMC Emeritus - Santa Monica College

Dr. Matthew Ardila-Weigand - Associate Editor
Director of Orientation, Transition and Parent Programs - University of Buffalo

Dr. Dennis Wiese - Associate Editor
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs - University of North Carolina at Charlotte              

Dr. Patty Witkowsky - Associate Editor
Associate Professor, Department of Leadership, Research, and Foundations - University of Colorado - Colorado Springs            

Peer Reviewers

Dr. Nicole Battaglia, Director of First-Generation Forward Program - Seton Hall University
Dr. Katherine Carnell, Assistant Vice President of Student Engagement - Goucher College
Libby Daggers, Director of New Student & Family Programs - Texas A&M University
Dr. Paul Holliday-Millard, Senior Research Associate - University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Editor's Notes

The Voice of the Journal

Jason Mastrogiovanni

Emerging Research

Parents’ Perceptions of Involvement in Their Students’ First Year in College

Dr. Elizabeth A. Manuel, Dr. Marjorie Ceballos; Dr. William Gordon II

Campus Notes

The Student Recreation Center Underutilized Resource for Improving Student Retention

Deborah Mixson-Brookshire, Ruth Goldfine, Donald Brookshire