The Impact of an Online Orientation Program on Student Success at a Community College

  • Rachel Lerner Colucci Maryville University
  • Robin E. Grebing Maryville University


This study examined the effectiveness of an online orientation program on participation and student success for a defined cohort of students at a mid-size community college in the mid-Atlantic region. Specifically, a quantitative analysis focused on differences in grade point average (GPA) and retention as success factors among students who completed the online orientation versus students who only started but did not finish and students who did not attempt the program at all. 

The findings indicate a statistically significant difference in fall to spring retention and cumulative GPA earned after the first semester for students who complete the online orientation module over students who access but do not complete and students who do not access the program. Further, follow-up survey data indicate students felt more prepared to attend the college and utilize programs and services after completing the program.

The study contributes to the research and literature on online orientation programs, specifically in the community college setting, and the researchers offers a discussion of results and recommendations for policy, practice, and future research.



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Lerner Colucci, R., & Grebing, R. E. (2020). The Impact of an Online Orientation Program on Student Success at a Community College. Journal of College Orientation, Transition, and Retention, 27(1).
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